The CPU‘s full form is “Cebtral Processing Unit“. CPU, a processor or microprocessor is a small chip mounted on the mobile or electric device’s motherboard. Its basic work is to take input and process it by producing output. It can be very small to see and hear but processors can multiply multiple times and trillions of calculations per second with multiplication speed.

The CPU, which is also called the brain of the mobile or computer, is the motherboard which is the most important part, in which more important parts are placed, such as Processor and RAM.

If we talk, both of the mobile/smartphones and computer have the CPU’s processor. It is a general purposed processor that works all the way as if you do some mathematical calculation in it, either do the work of Word and Excel or listen to movies or songs or browse something on the internet, whatever you do that the processor does all the work. Now a days smartphones are equipped with a lot of advanced embedded chipsets which will do many alternative tasks counting on their programming.

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