GPRS is a packet oriented mobile data service, which is the global system of mobile communication of 2G cellular communication system (GSM). It is utilized for mobile web (Internet), MMS and other information correspondences (Cellular Communications). In 2G system, GPRS provides data rates of 56-114 kbit / s.

GPRS extends the GSM circuit switched data capabilities and makes the following services possible:

• “Always On” Internet Access
• Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)
• Push to talk over cellular (PoC / PTT)
• Instant Messaging & Appearance – Wireless Village
• Internet Application for Smart Devices through Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)
• Point-to-point (P2P) service: Inter-networking with Internet (IP)
• If SMS is used on GPRS, then an SMS transmission speed of 30 SMS per minute can be obtained. It’s faster than using simple SMS on GSM, with a transmission speed of 6 to 10 SMS per minute.

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