GPS stands for Global Positioning System and is also called Navstar GPS or GNSS (global navigation satellite system). This is the satelliteell navigation system installed in the orbit by the U.S. Department of Defense. GPS was first designed only for the use of military applications, but in 1983, US government announced to open the system for public use and opened for public in 1994. GPS is used to know the weather conditions of any place in the world and there is no charge for using it.

    Global positioning system operates totally independently Provides geolocation avetime time information to AWM GPS receiver. This system provides critical positioning capabilities to civil, and commercial users as well as the entire world. Actually installed on the orbit, the GPS receivers such as navigation devices are used to receive the signal from the satellite, which is used to calculate the exact position, speed and time of vehicle location.

    Use of GPS: – Tracking firms, airlines, taxi services, shipping companies, police department and drivers To track the hue vehicles used by GPS, to follow the best route and to save time, this system will work much Comes.

    How to use GPS: If you want to use the GPS in your mobile or car, you only have to enable the option of GPS in Mobile. As soon as you enable GPS, your mobile retrieves the location on your phone connecting directly to the satellite.

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