GPUGraphics Processing Unit

Now a days, a new kind of processor is being used in computers and mobile phones, which makes your computer and mobile performance much better than before. The name of this new processor is GPU The name of the GPU will be heard by a lot of people.

The GPU’s full form is “Graphics Processing Unit”. Whatever the images or visuals we see in the screen of our Computer and Mobile, they are graphics. The GPU is a co-processor that performs a graphical calculation that used to be CPU prior to work, due to the applications coming out of the graphics in the market due to graphics in the computer and mobile, there was a lot of burden on CPU due to faster processing. To build the GPU was done.

Graphics processing unit is meant to be rendering images, which means that the GPU performs images faster on the screen of the CPU than the CPU because it uses the technique of parallel processing, due to which the GPU has a lot of graphical calculations Only times can be done faster in time, which increases the quality of image and video. In the same way, if we talk about a mobile phone, the processor that runs in the applications or program mobile, then manages the GPU, and whatever appears on the display such as animations, videos, images and games on the display.

The GPU has parallel core, due to which it does image processing much faster than the CPU and we can see the very best quality of images.

GPUs are used in two ways, one is integrated, which means that it is a part of your processor which handles the graphics as if you have the intel processor installed on your computer, then you can use Intel’s HD the graphics are seen. Similarly, if a Qualcomm processor is used in a smartphone, then if there is an Adreno GPU or MediaTek’s processor, then there is a Mali GPU. So here are those GPUs which are integrated in the processor and there is a section that handles the graphics.

The second way to use GPU is dedicated, which is only for laptops and computers as it is applied separately.

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