Network Speed


Network Speed is termed as Internet speed that how much data speed comes per second. It mainly comes in Kbps, Mbps, and Gbps.

In the world of internet, you will have heard about Mbps, Kbps, but have you thought that there is some difference between MBps and Mbps, KBps and Kbps. Otherwise, let’s tell you the difference between these terms –

What is a Megabit per second (Mbps)? – (M with small b per second)

In the “Megabit per second” network, there is a term for measuring or calculating a data transfer, which is also called MBps or Mb / s or Mbit / s in short cut. This unit explains how many Megabit data transfers can happen in a second. A Megabit contains 1000 Kilobits.

What is a Kilobit per second (Kbps)? (K with small b per second)

It is also a unit to measure or calculate the data transfer in the network, which tells how many Kilobit data can be transferred in a second. It is also called Kbps or KB / s.

Mbps vs kbps

Here the second character is of great importance because if the second character is small ‘b’ in MBps, Mbps or Kbps, Kbps it would mean “bits” while the second character if bigger is “B” then it would mean “byte”.

1 byte = 8 bits

1,000 bps = 1 Kbps = .008 Mbps

1000 Kbps = 1 Mbps = 125 Kbps

1000 Mbps = 1 Gbps


1 KB = 1,000 Byte = 0.008 Mb

1,000 KBps = 1 MBps = 8 Mbps

1 GBps = 1,000 MBps

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