With every passing year smartphone displays goes smarter, larger and they also need the protection for scratch resistant and protects the display. The requirement for improved scratch resistance and security of the screens made the interest for use of screen covers of expanded resistance including chemicals hardened glass.

Corning Gorilla Glass could be a widespread complete of hardened glass used for smartphones. Other than this, makers has started applying oleophobic coating on high of its screens to create finger smudges less of a problem. DragonTrail glass is also stands for protection of mobiles screens.

Corning Company has built a damage resistance glass, which is called Gorilla Glass, in view of our electronic lifestyle. This glass is thin, light and damage-resistant special toughened glass. This great glass of smartphones and other devices has been proven to protect the glass from damage. Scratch-and impact-resistant qualities make glass special. Corning is not a company that is manufacturing glass of this type, but there are many manufacturing companies in the market which are becoming the same type of glass. Damage Resistant glass is the example – Dragontrail and schott glass. This type glass comes in handy to protect the mobile and computing device screen.

Olephobic coating, With this display glass you can save your phone’s screen from getting worse and dirty. Many times we touch the phone with smooth hands, which makes it finger smudges and bad. If the screen is covered with oleo-phobic coating then this type of problem can be avoided.

Dragon Trail is made by Asani Glass Corporation and it protects the screen as well with thinness and lightness . This is also a much more similar display to the Corning Gorilla. It uses a rigid and thin glass layer, which protects the screen, which prevents the screen from rubbing and scratches.

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