RAM means Random Access Memory. In the same way, Ram works in the computer as well, and in the same way, Ram works in the Android. Whatever application you have, when running, it happens in Ram. So the more RAM your mobile, the faster your mobile work will be. Having a lot of RAM does not even have the problem of mobile hanging.

You will find that the mobile phone behaves differently in comparison to the RAM in PC. Whenever you download and install an application on a smartphone, the app loads first of all RAM and then executes. The apps which you are not using also live in your mobile phone’s RAM but shift goes to the background. Next time When you need that app, then the app becomes available with fast retrieval (if that app is not manually removed from your RAM). In this way you will see that the app which uses most frequently remains in RAM (IF you have enough RAM). You should not be worried about your mobile phone’s RAM because your mobile OS is designed in such a way (Android operating system) when it needs to be kept in the background or kills unused RAM.

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