SIM: The term SIM is the abbreviation of ‘Subscriber Identity Module’. It is an integrated circuit in which the ‘service-subscriber key’ (‘IMSI’) store is essential for mobile telephony on mobile phones or Smartphones.

SIM card is also a source that saves the data of users includes user identity, network authorization data, personal security pin, contact lists, location and phone number and stored text messages.

As in the form of storage for SMS messages and user contacts, a SIM cards can store upto 250 names / number pairs and 50 SMS text messages. The SIM card can not store every contact or many other complex information, this means that if you copy your contact information from the phone memory to the SIM memory, the contacts split into several entries because the numbers for each individual contact Are there and discard other information

Along these lines the client ID (and individual number) is attached to the SIM card and not to a specific cell phone. So user can  switched easily your SIM card from one cell phone to another.

All GSM telephones/ smartphones require a SIM card to work. but there are some phones like (CDMA, TDMA, AMPS) that don’t utilize a SIM. Rather, the required information is customized straightforwardly into the phone.

Another thing is SIM size, In every kind of mobile, the size of SIM may also be different. You will be heard Mini SIM card, Nano SIM card and Micro SIM card. Ok, lets know about same topic with detail.

Mini SIM (Standard SIM/Normal SIM) card size:

The standard size of the SIM card is the default size of the SIM card amd is also called Mini SIM. The size of the full size is from the market, it is a standard size SIM. Standard SIM size (15 * 25 mm) is there. The size of this type of SIM card can be cut and done in another size. The Normal SIM firstly comes in Simple Mobiles. As soon as the smartphones are launched, other sizes of the SIM card are revealed.

Micro SIM card size:

This size is smaller than the standard SIM size. Which is done in smartphones. It has size (12 * 15 mm). To make smartphones more stylish and to store more features in that small device, the size of the SIM is scratched and sim normal work is done. This is the size between the SIM card.

Nano SIM card size:

Micro SIM card has a SIM Nano SIM of six sizes. Its size is less than the micro (8.8 * 12.3 mm). The SIM card which is the part of the SIM card, the same thing is seen, the other place in the SIM is removed from the machine. This SIM is mostly used in the Apple iPhones.

So in the final words, the sim size is of 3 types. Which contains the most standard size (25 * 15 mm), with a small Micro size (12 * 15 mm) and a small Nano size (8.8 * 12.3).

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