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Smartphone is a word that has become a part of our life today and hardly anyone would haven’t used the smartphone. But have you ever wondered what the smartphone is, what is its features, and why is it called a smartphone? Let’s know about the smartphone –

Smartphone is an electronic device that provides you with many additional features as well as a voice call (telephone call). A few years ago, we had a mobile phone, but only with limited options, but today mobile phone has become a smartphone, because a lot of features have been added because of this we have become such a need which help us There are so many things like mailing, internet, calculator, torch, songs, movies, camera. Any smartphone has the following features like Gaming, Texting and messaging, Digital Camera, Mailing, GPS, Apps, Voice Calls, Video calls, Personal information management etc.

If you want to give a definition of Smart Phone, you can say that the smartphone is a mobile phone that facilitates your life by combining a number of features with the help of an advanced operating system. It is a pocket-sized mobile that has a powerful CPU, more storage space, and more connectivity with internet as well as RAM. Due to all these features Smartphones are also called one-stop solution which makes our business and personal needs very easy.

Smartphone History – The first smartphone was the IBM’s Simon, which was launched in 1992 as COMDEX computer industry trade show, as a concept device, but in 1999, the Japanese firm NTT DoCoMo released the first smartphones, which were adopted by the country on a very large scale.

Another related Smartphone terms:

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